Sport & Leisure Apprenticeships

Why an apprenticeship in Sport & Leisure?

An apprenticeship will give you a ‘foot in the door’ to this competitive industry, as you’ll gain hands-on experience and work-based training.  An apprenticeship will enable you to specialise in the area that excites you most within work.

Who would it suit?

A career in Sport and Leisure would suit someone who is outgoing, bubbly and enjoys meeting all kinds of people. You’ll need excellent customer service and communication skills, along with the desire to assist people from all walks of life with their health and fitness aspirations. Often you won’t be working 9am to 5pm, so it would suit someone who is flexible and able to work shifts and weekends.

What are the job opportunities?

As an apprentice you are likely to start in an assistant role. This would be a customer-facing position; such as an assistant fitness instructor, front of house or customer service assistant.

What can I earn?

As an apprentice the minimum wage is around £150 per week, but at the London Apprenticeship Company we recommend that apprentices are paid considerably more. Once qualified, the average fitness instructor will earn between £12,000 and £16,000 a year, and in other areas of sport and leisure there is the potential to earn considerably more.

What will I learn?

You’ll choose one of the Apprenticeships below, covering a range of frameworks to equip you for the sector.

How long does it take?

Training takes around 12-18 months from start to completion.

What’s the training?

Apprenticeship training is structured so that you spend most of your time learning at work and some of your time at a training centre or completing training online.

All the qualifications you gain are recognised by employers and industry professionals.


There are two levels of apprenticeship training in sport & leisure:

Level 2 Apprenticeship

  • Industry Certificate ‘Level 2 CYQ Certification in understanding the Sports, Leisure and Fitness Industry’
  • Technical Certificate ‘Level 2 CYQ Certificate in Gym Instructing’
  • Industry Certificate ‘First Aid’
  • Level 1 Key Skills ‘Communication’ and ‘Application of Number’
  • NVQ Level 2 ‘Instructing Exercise and Fitness’

Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship

  • Industry Certificate ‘Level 3 CYQ Certification in Understanding the Sports. Leisure and Fitness Industry
  • Technical Certificate ‘Level 3 CYQ Certificate in Advanced Gym Instructing’
  • Industry Certificate ‘First Aid’
  • Level 2 Key Skills in ‘Communication’ and ‘Application of Number’
  • Level 3 Key Skills in ‘Improving Own Learning and Performance’
  • NVQ Level 3 in ‘Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise’

What support will I receive?

  1. LAC Mentor – The London Apprenticeship Company will appoint you a mentor who will be on hand to support you throughout your apprenticeship.
  2. Employer Supervisor – Your Employer Supervisor or Manager will address your needs at work and be responsible for making sure your employment is appropriate to your level of skill and training requirements.
  3. Trainer – Your trainer is responsible for making sure you are keeping up with your assignments, assessing you at work and ensuring the training they deliver meets all the industry requirements.

What happens after completion?

The three most likely progression routes will be:

  1. Continued employment – If you have done well in your job, your employer may offer you continued employment.
  2. Secure employment elsewhere – With your qualifications, experience and references in place, you will be in a great position to get a good job.
  3. Further training – Your apprenticeship can lead to further training such as an Advanced Apprenticeship or even university. (LAC will continue to support you if you choose to do an Advanced Apprenticeship.)