More About Apprenticeships

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What is an apprenticeship?

We start at the beginning.

An apprenticeship is a formal system of training, assessment and certification. Traditionally, apprenticeships referred largely to trades like bricklaying or plumbing and were about gaining what was known as ‘craft level skill’. In recent years, apprenticeships have changed radically. No longer are they about entry level manual skills (although these apprenticeships do still exist) and nor are they designed only for junior staff.

Visit our apprenticeship training section to read about some of the many apprenticeships that are available.

Things have changed…

You can train apprentices in everything from brewing beer to public relations to nuclear safety.  Apprenticeships aren’t any longer “just for beginners” either – they  go all the way through to degree level qualifications. And as employers continue to take more of a lead role in the development of new apprenticeship standards, the depth and breadth of available training continues to grow.

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Can anybody be an apprentice?


All the rules are about to change and the truth is that as long as a person has the right to live and work in the UK, just about everybody will be eligible to become an apprentice from April 2017. As the funding for apprentices switches to a new system where largely employers are paying for the costs of the apprenticeship (see our Apprenticeship Levy pages) it’s up to you, as the employer, to decide who to train and what skills you want them to gain.

We’ll help you work out who to train and with which apprenticeships.

More about what we do

We help you work out the best way to achieve your objectives. Apprenticeships can be used as a way of recruiting and training new staff but are equally valuable as a way of training members of your existing workforce. Both are legitimate and both can recover your levy.

Our free advisory service will help you build a plan – a simple road-map showing how you can use apprenticeships to achieve your objectives.

Our apprenticeship blueprints are tailor-made just for you and include advice about apprentice recruitment, employment, training, support and how your apprenticeships can be funded.