Helping Apprentices Succeed

When help is needed our expert team of apprentice coaches and mentors are on hand to step in

Progress reporting

If you want to make sure that your apprentices succeed the first thing you need to know is how well they are doing. Our apprentice mentor team produce a monthly report on each of your apprentices. We present this as a whole too, so you can get a picture across your apprenticeship programme.

Our reports summarise how much of an apprenticeship has been completed, which units and tests have been passed, how often your apprentice has attended their training and their expected completion data. Everything we present has been independently verified by an external verifier, so if we say your apprentice is doing well we know it’s true.

All of this is even more important than ever if you are paying for it via the Apprenticeship Levy.

Fixing a problem

If an apprentice is falling behind schedule we find out why and fix the problem. You’d be surprised at the range of issues that can effect performance – and it’s not always things that are “going on at home“.

For your part, as the employer, you need to make sure the apprentice is undertaking rewarding and stimulating tasks and the right work generally. They have to be doing things on a daily basis that correspond with the aims of their training, otherwise it doesn’t succeed.

So if there is a problem, we’ll look to find what the source is and fix it. Even if that means telling you that you need to change what the apprentice is doing on a daily basis.

Progression planning

The most motivating thing for many people is progression and apprentices are no different. They are more likely to succeed if they know that once they have another door will open for them. It might be a promotion or a pay rise or a move to another department. Often though progression to a higher level apprenticeship is just as motivating.

We plan with you from the outset on this basis.

We want to know where your apprentices can progress to within your organisation so that we can help them realise it.

Integrated services

If the apprentice support is part of a whole package of integrated services that we are delivering for you our apprentice mentors will be able to draw on the expert knowledge and skill of our whole team.

Visit our services pages to see how it all fits together or skip to specific supporting service: