Apprentice Employment Details

We manage a fortnightly bespoke apprentice payroll that takes the hassle out of employing apprentices

The UK’s first ATA

The ability to act as a third party employer of apprentices requires us to meet the rigorous standards set out by the National Apprenticeship Service.

Many of the quality benchmarks that they ask organisations to meet were in fact set by us in the first. We we’re the very first Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) in the UK and we’re founding members of the Confederation of Apprenticeship Training Agencies too.

We are one of the most experienced employers of apprentices in the UK.

Talk to Tilly

Tilly Allen from the London Apprenticeship Company talks you through our apprentice employment services, the ins and outs of apprenticeship contracts of employment and recommended apprentice wage rates. The London Apprenticeship Company have been employing apprentices for years- our team are considered experts in the field.

She can also tell you more about our apprenticeship recruitment, training and support services too.

Follow the links above to read more and watch Tilly’s videos or email her.