Recruiting Your Apprentice

Our expert team will quickly source great candidates for your apprenticeship job vacancies

Attracting the best ?

Good apprenticeships are sought after. People know that if they get an apprenticeship in the right company they’ll have a great career in front of them. And the demand from young people in particular is growing.  So our team will advise you on how you can structure your job vacancy, the salary and the progression opportunities on completion to make sure you attract the candidates you want.

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Talk to Tilly

Tilly Allen, Head of Recruitment at the London Apprenticeship Company, has worked with us since 2009. Her team know just about all there is to know about sourcing and recruiting apprentices – they’ve successfully done it for hundreds of employers, many of whom come back to us year after year for more apprentices. She sums up her key advice in this short video clip.

Email Tilly directly.

Marketing your apprenticeships

We can recruit for a single apprentice or 100. We’ve worked with employers who wanted to recruit groups of 30-40 apprentices four times a year and others who look for a single group of 10.  We work with you to make sure that we recruit to your specifications and this can include criteria such as “just find the best” and “help us improve the diversity of our workforce”.

Whatever the criteria the London Apprenticeship Company jobs board is the best used in London and will attract the sorts of people you are looking for.

Skills screening

We want you to get the staff you need and we make sure that they are trained in the ways you want them to be. We meet and screen candidates that match your selection criteria and, crucially, we involve the training provider in this process to make sure that all of your shortlisted candidates are eligible and have the basic levels of English, Maths and IT that they need to succeed.

Contact Tilly’s team if you would like to find out more or to meet some of our candidate apprentices.

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