Apprenticeship Training Courses

Apprenticeships on Demand

The London Apprenticeship Company has worked with hundreds of employers training apprentices in hundreds of qualifications. You can read the details of some of the apprenticeships we have managed below or learn more here about how we can manage ANY apprenticeship you need, on demand, at your request.

Business and Administration Apprenticeships

These cover a wide range of ‘back office’ job roles and are widely used by employers who want to train staff in generic support roles whilst providing progression routes to ‘service-specific’ jobs. For example, apprentices might start doing office administration but progress, over two or three years, into sophisticated project management, HR or development roles.

Business Improvement Techniques Apprenticeships

There are 27,000 team leaders and supervisors employed in engineering and manufacturing in England alone. While engineering has seen significant productivity gains in recent years, manufacturing has been lagging behind. There’s a big need for qualified team leaders and supervisors to foster increased productivity and to improve business activities generally – our apprenticeship training can make a real difference.

Team Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

In today’s fast-moving competitive environment there is a need to continue to drive up performance and that means improving your organisation’s leadership and management skills. Our Chartered Institute of Management apprenticeships include apprenticeships for those new to team leading as well as degree apprenticeships for those in more senior roles.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

Digital and social media have become increasingly sophisticated and are now a crucial component of any communications or marketing strategy. Employers recognise that with good solid training their existing staff and as well as new recruits can use the internet to great effect – our apprenticeships will help you achieve that.

Customer Services Apprenticeships

Employers recognise the key role customer-facing staff play in determining the quality of the customer experience and in increasing customer loyalty. In an increasingly service-led economy, customer demand for better and more individualised service is set to continue to increase. Customer Service apprenticeships train your staff so that they are better at engaging with your clients or users in wide range of roles.

Logistics & Warehousing Apprenticeships

The Logistics sector underpins every other sector within the economy; without Logistics it would be impossible for manufacturing companies to gain raw materials, transport or export their products. Logistics activities include the planning, routing and movement of freight across all transport modes (road, rail, sea and air) as well as associated activities such as warehousing and storage. Our apprenticeships train up your staff to the necessary skill levels.

Facilities Services & Management Apprenticeships

The key aspects of any facilities management role are monitoring facilities, developing relationships with colleagues and other parties, and ensuring that health and safety are maintained. These qualifications are designed for first line managers and supervisors working in the facilities management environment. They support a range of operations including building maintenance, catering, reception and security.

I.T Apprenticeships and Computing

What business or organisation doesn’t need skilled I.T staff ? I.T apprenticeships cover a wide range of job roles and qualifications and include everything from cyber security, network administration, web development and coding, social media and software development. We work with a range of specialist I.T training providers with the skills to train your staff in all of these key areas.

Spectator Safety Apprenticeships

There is an increasing demand for occupationally competent stewards due to the popularity of professional sport throughout England, including Football, Rugby, Tennis, Horse Racing, Motor Racing, Cricket, as well as major indoor sports like Ice Hockey and Basketball to name a few. Apprenticeships include the key qualifications that your staff will need.