Apprentice Employment

We have directly employed thousands of apprentices on behalf of a wide range of employers

Employing apprentices

We’ve directly employed thousands of apprentices and have all the systems you will need already in place. In fact we’re one of the largest employers of apprentices in the UK.

In many ways there is no difference between employing an apprentice and anybody else. They need a proper contract of employment, agreed reward, they have to pay tax and they are required to participate in mandatory pension schemes.

If you’re a large employer that’s not going to be an issue for you in general. But with apprentices there are some further things to think about:

  • The legal requirements are different (apprentices wage bands for example are governed by separate legislation)
  • There are contractual requirements for them to agree to a specific training plan
  • As their employer you are responsible for the procurement and management of their formal training.

That’s a lot of stuff to worry about – especially if you are engaging 100 or more apprentices.

Many employers opt to outsource their apprentices’ employment to us because they know that expert help can really help the apprentice succeed

Our employment services include:


  • Compliant apprenticeship contracts of employment
  • A fortnightly apprenticeship payroll
  • Online apprentice timesheets
  • Holiday pay, sick pay and pension calculations
  • Fortnightly invoicing of costs in arrears
  • Electronic transfers direct to apprentices account
  • A help desk team on call to deal with queries



It’s a robust system which has stood the test of time and the scrutiny of HMRC

Outsourcing makes it easy

You don’t have to make life complicated. We have a ready-to-go, tried and tested apprentice payroll already used by hundreds of employers.

It’s designed specifically for apprentices.

You can save time and effort by using it.

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From the moment LAC sourced and tailored the apprentice to suit the needs of our business through to the ultimate graduation and full time hiring of them, LAC have supported each part of the program at all key stages of their development. The mix of a broad yet detailed academic approach they take coupled with the learning in the real business environment is one of the most effective ways to grow young people within any industry.

Shaun Maroney, Operations Manager, Haworth UK Ltd

Hawkins\Brown Architects

We had a very positive experience working with The London Apprenticeship Company. From the outset we were provided with clear information and the support we received from the team was excellent. We found they had a wide range of well prepared and eager candidates and ultimately we found an apprentice who suited our needs very well. We are happy to report our apprentice has grown to be an integral part of business.

Anthea Corridon, HR Advisor, Hawkins\Brown

Alias Hire

Our experience of LAC has been that they are professional, helpful and under-standing. We had never taken on an Apprentice before, Leo was our first, we needed extra staff and an Apprentice was a logical choice. We are delighted with our Apprentice and how things have turned out and taking on an apprentice again is something we will endeavour to do in the future

Danny Dawson, Alias Hire

Look Ahead Housing and Care

Jade is great. She is an asset to the team. I’m glad we have her until she goes onto university and we wish her every success with her studies next year and her future career. I wish she wanted to pursue a career in Finance as she has just been brilliant, but I am sure the skills she has gained here will transfer over to any career she chooses... that’s the great thing about an apprenticeship. Ultimately, employers like experience, the apprenticeship gives young people a real opportunity to compete with more mature and experienced candidates because it gives them transferable skills....I think what also makes it work for the employer is LAC’s Apprentice Coordinators. Vanessa, Jade’s Apprentice Coordinator has been really helpful and has always been on hand whenever Jade needed advice, lessening any perceived “burden” on the employer.

Lorna Wilcockson, Finance Manager, Look Ahead Housing and Care

Toby has made exceptional progress here at Winchester and has definitely grown in confidence. Toby is always looking to learn new things. He has certainly fit into the company well, and I believe he has an exciting future ahead of him. I am happy that we have been able to help him on his way by taking him on as our apprentice.

Tim Mcmillen, Managing Director,