Business and Administration Apprenticeships

More than 4.5 million people work in generic business administration roles…




Good administration is good business!

Business administration is a function that permeates all organisations, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large corporate companies and the Public Sector alike. At its broadest level, business administration is the organisation and management of work.  It follows that a high quality administrative function is essential to all businesses and organisations, whatever their product, function or sector.

Every business needs effective administration, and that need remains whatever else changes in terms of new products and services, new technologies and new organisational structures.  It’s vital to businesses that its people are properly trained to carry out these core functions to a high standard – and that’s where our Business and Administration Apprenticeships help.

Out training providers  – like the College of Apprenticeship Training – deliver bespoke employer-focused business administration apprenticeships designed to achieve high levels of skills through a combination of classroom-based teaching and learning plus workplace training and assessment. Our model uses a variety of delivery patterns so that the employer is able to procure the training they need (ensuring their staff excel in their job roles) whilst selecting the most appropriate way for this to be organised and delivered.

Our Business Administration apprenticeships are designed so that your staff, or new employees, can enter the programme at a relevant level and progress through a series of workshops and work-based assessments attaining more skills and qualifications as they progress. The length of this training could be anything from 12 to 36 months depending on where your apprentice starts, where you want them to progress to and what job they end up doing for you.

Kelly Barnes, Head of Apprenticeships,  summarises the key purposes of the College of Apprenticeship Training Business Administration Apprenticeships like this:


“Our Business Administration and Office Apprenticeships train and develop young people at the heart of your organisation. Business Administration Apprentices create support systems, services and resources that assist the organisation to set and achieve its objectives, and continuously improve its performance for customers”


Contact our team  for a copy of our detailed, unit by unit, Business Administration prospectus.

Our Apprenticeship training includes:
  • Recognised qualifications:  from Level 2 to Level 6
  • Teaching: a fully flexible programme; in general all of our apprentices are taught off the job, in a classroom, with a real teacher.
  • Workshops: each apprenticeship is structured around taught workshops that run throughout the year. Your apprentice books into these in advance, but in a pattern that suits you
  • Assessment: this is carried out on the job (at your premises) at times that work for you and your apprentice
  • Individualised learning: we plan the learning and assessment for your apprentice on an individual basis
  • Tracking: you can follow your apprentices progress online, in real time, or by logging in to OneFile (the leading ePortfolio for apprenticeships)
  • Progression: apprentices can seamlessly progress to higher level qualifications
  • Apprenticeship Levy recovery: we make sure you can recover 100% of your levy or benefit from generous government co-funding


Contact our apprenticeship training team if you would like to find out more about how you can use business and administration apprenticeships to train your staff.