I.T Apprenticeships and Computing


Our Apprenticeship training includes:
  • Recognised qualifications:  from Level 2 to Level 6
  • Teaching: all of our apprentices are taught off the job, in a classroom, with a real teacher. But this programme is flexible
  • Workshops: each apprenticeships is structured around taught workshops that run throughout the year. Your apprentice books into these in advance, but in a pattern that suits you
  • Assessment: assessment is carried out on the job (at your premises) at times that work for you and the apprentices
  • Individualised learning: – we plan the learning and assessment for your apprentice on an individual basis
  • Tracking: you can follow your apprentices progress online, in real time, by logging in to Onefile
  • Progression: apprentices can seamlessly progress to higher level qualification

Contact our apprenticeship training team if you would like to find out more about how you can use business and administration apprenticeships to train your staff.