Apprenticeship Training Courses

Health and Social Care Apprenticeships

Our population is ageing and with it comes the need for a significantly higher number of employees in the adult social care sector. By 2041, the number of people in England aged 85 is expected to increase by 2.5 times the 2010 figure to 3.2 million, representing 5% of the total population. In addition, the number of adults with learning disabilities is expected to rise to between 47,000 and 113,000 in just 10 years. Health and Social Care apprenticeships help you train and recruit new staff in this sector.

Retail Apprenticeships

Retail is an exciting, sociable and dynamic industry offering the potential for rapid career and salary progression. Often you work in teams, so you will make plenty of friends and regularly meet new people. Retail is hugely diverse and offers you the choice to work with products or companies that interest you, from being behind a shop counter to internet or catalogue selling, or you might choose to be behind the scenes on stock control or product buying.

Hospitality and Catering Apprenticeship

The UK hospitality and catering industry is huge, employing around three million people. Hospitality is all about providing for the public, from serving great food and drink to offering entertainment or accommodation. Employers span hotels and restaurants to theme parks, cinemas and art galleries. There’s lots of choice and lots of jobs; you can even work overseas once you have qualified or start your own business.

Sales Apprenticeships

Working in sales or telesales can be really exciting and financially rewarding. Selling is the lifeblood of British business, with more people employed in face to face and telephone selling than any other profession. Every business across every sector has a product or service to sell and they need quality sales people behind them to make sure they succeed.