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Matching, training and supporting employers and apprentices


A fully independent organisation, The London Apprenticeship Company was the UK’s very first Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) and is fully endorsed by the National Apprenticeship Service.

Since we started in 2009 we have:


  • Created more than 5,000 Apprenticeships across more than 50 occupations. Find out more about how we can recruit apprentices for you
  • Partnered with 15 local authorities and supported more than 500 businesses. In many cases we can employ apprentices on your behalf
  • Arranged for apprentices to be trained in Creative & Digital Media, ICT & Web Development, Marketing, Sales, Law, Finance & Accounting, Business & Administration, Health & Social Care, Customer Service, Events Management, Facilities Management, Construction and many more areas. Further details are in the apprentice training section


       How we can help you

You can benefit from a full range of support and advice services designed to make it simple and more cost-effective for employers to identify, recruit and employ junior or entry level staff – many of these services are free.

We also offer complete bespoke packages for sourcing, training and employing apprentices. Even better, we can help you access government grants.

We’re continuing to pioneer services and support related to apprentices (and graduate apprentices too).  And with the new Apprenticeship Levy arriving in 2017 and affecting all employers with a payroll of £3m or more, we’re set to help more people than ever.

You can read our introduction to apprenticeships here


Visit our other apprenticeship websites

You can see our full range of services for employees and apprentices on these other websites:

For information on the Apprenticeship Levy and what it means for you plus FREE advice and support, visit the Apprenticeship Levy site


If you’re an apprentice or would like to become one, register your details and check out the vacancies on our Apprenticeship Jobs Board


To see apprentice profiles across all sectors and job types and to meet and hire apprentices, then visit Apprentices For Hire

For details of training and workshops we offer across all sectors, you can find all you need at the College of Apprenticeship Training



Contact us for a free assessment and health check

If you’re an employer wanting to know more about apprenticeships, or would like to know how well set up your organisation is for taking on apprentices, we would be happy to give you a free assessment. Simply call 020 3651 4747 or see our contact page