Case Studies

Meantime Brewery

September 12, 2016 1:55 pm

Meantime Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery based in Greenwich, London. They host 3 apprentices with the London Apprenticeship Company:

Kathleen and Rory as Brewery Apprentices -who focus on brewery production and lab work; and Joel, an Engineering Apprentice who focuses more on maintenance.

In this video Joel talks about his experience with the Meantime Brewing Company; how it has helped him, his clear career path and about gaining his apprenticeship qualifications; Kathleen describes her experience finding a job that suited her particular interests; whilst Rory describes the process of his work in the laboratory which includes making sure the beer good to sell!

Robert Smith, Q.A Brewer, talks about his experience mentoring and training apprentices and the enjoyment of working with young people who are really keen to learn new things and move forward with a career in brewing. Alastair Hook, Founder and Brew Master, explains how his company has benefited from this apprenticeship scheme, including the financial benefits of apprenticeships and the effectiveness of employing young energetic members of staff.

Meantime Brewing hadn’t employed apprentices before so they asked the London Apprenticeship Company to help them recruit, employ and manage the training of their apprentices for them. The scheme has been a great success see more case studies here.