Apprenticeships on Demand

We manage all of the apprenticeships you need 



In the way that you want them managed!


We’ve worked with hundreds of employers training thousands of apprentices. The list below shows the full range of apprenticeships we have, and can, manage on your behalf.



Not only can we procure and manage these apprenticeships – or any others you may need – we can also help manage your whole scheme: apprenticeship recruitment; apprenticeship employment, plus coaching and support. We’ll help you recover 100% of apprenticeship levy.

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We run all of our apprenticeships in the same way with and with the same objectives: high quality teaching, learning and assessment; detailed training schedules implemented on time; up-skilled staff who have the capability to do the things you want them to do.

All of our apprenticeship training includes:


  • Recognised qualifications:  from Level 2 to Level 6
  • Teaching: a fully flexible programme; in general all of our apprentices are taught off the job, in a classroom, with a real teacher.
  • Workshops: each apprenticeship is structured around taught workshops that run throughout the year. Your apprentice books into these in advance, but in a pattern that suits you
  • Assessment: this is carried out on the job (at your premises) at times that work for you and your apprentice
  • Individualised learning: we plan the learning and assessment for your apprentice on an individual basis
  • Tracking: you can follow your apprentices progress online, in real time, or by logging in to OneFile (the leading ePortfolio for apprenticeships)
  • Progression: apprentices can seamlessly progress to higher level qualifications
  • Apprenticeship Levy recovery: we make sure you can recover 100% of your levy or benefit from generous government co-funding


Contact our apprenticeship training team if you would like to find out more about how you can use business and administration apprenticeships to train your staff.