A New Minister for Apprenticeships

September 5, 2016 9:05 am

The long awaited Apprenticeship Levy update has been published this morning. Robert Halfon, the Apprenticeships and Skills Minister said:


 “We need to make sure people of all ages and backgrounds have a chance to get on in life. Apprenticeships give young people – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – a ladder of opportunity. That’s why we continue to work tirelessly to deliver the skills our country needs. The apprenticeship levy is absolutely crucial to this.


Our businesses can only grow and compete on the world stage if they have the right people, with the right skills. The apprenticeship levy will help create millions of opportunities for individuals and employers. This will give our young people the chance they deserve in life and to build a highly-skilled future workforce that the UK needs.”

We will be publishing our Levy Guidance and Advisory (keep an eye  early next week once we have fully digested and interpreted this latest information.  Some key headlines in the meantime:

  • The Levy will be implemented in April 2017
  • Levied employers will contract directly with training providers of their choice and pay them via their digital account
  • Non Levied employers will only pay a maximum of 10% of the cost of training whilst Government funds 90%

There are lots of details to work through but in the meantime you can access two key Government documents here:

A simple online guide

The full text

Alternatively skip through to our Apprenticeship Levy pages to learn more.